bearhugs are perfect for sleep overs and family travel
BearHugs turn into a pillow and a backpack
snuggly cozy children's blanket wraps around
green bearhug is a snuggly cozy children's blanket
Each BearHug has a pocket
that easily morphs the wrap into a pillow. The outside of
the pillow is decorated with
FUZ,  the BearHugs  Bear
who serves as the flap for a smaller pocket with the
BearHug name.
The Pillow further converts
into a backpack or shoulder bag, by tying the attached
straps. This way, it's owner can easily take it along on
sleepovers and family trips, or wherever he/she would want
to have a BearHug  !
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When in use as a PILLOW,
make sure the straps are tied up
separately, or loose and stuffed into the
A child could get entangled.

A BearHug
is a cozy children's blanket,
(U-shaped, like a wrap)
that's made with a
super soft, furry pile fleece. A Hug wraps around
completely and even stays on while walking around!
It's non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and very washable!